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Get to Know Todd J. Fisher Founder & Chairman of Intraprise

Check out our Company Spotlight post to learn more about Intraprise's Founder & Chairman, Todd J. Fisher. He'll be appearing on The First Customer podcast, so we invite you to learn more about him before he shares his story on the podcast!

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The Cloud: Your One-Stop Shop

Megan Fisher, Sep 20, 2023

You may have noticed we focus on the Cloud quite often; we find, there is a lot to say! Check out 5 of our Cloud-related posts, all in one place, as a one-stop shop for the information you need to develop a sound Cloud Strategy.


Todd J. Fisher on The First Customer Podcast: 9/27/23

Megan Fisher, Sep 14, 2023

Learn more about Intraprise’s Founder & Chairman, Todd J. Fisher on The First Customer podcast. With host, Jay Aigner, he’ll discuss his founder’s journey from all verticals and industries, diving into Todd’s path to his first ever customer.

From the Firehose

Digital Disruption: Survival of the Most Adaptable

Digital Transformation is required to survive and adapt to digital disruption. In order to stay ahead of the curve, businesses must create a culture built on innovative ideologies that promote adaptability and encourage creative thinking.

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Only Adaptive Organizations Will Survive

Technological innovation is the driving force behind successful businesses today. Similarly, businesses struggling to keep pace with the rate of change may not have the same protections they used to. Things are changing every day; how will your business keep up?

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Prepare Your Firm for Increased Risks of Data Breaches

Is your firm prepared for a data breach? “Although data breach costs continue to rise for many, our report shows that by adopting the right technologies and strategies, businesses can significantly reduce detection time and costs” Vigilance and time are critical and preparation goes a long way.

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Digital Transformation AND Sustainability - no longer an “OR”

Digital Transformation and Sustainability initiatives no longer need to be seen as competing strategies. It is possible to find harmony with both - “Companies investing in digital transformation are actually already investing in running their companies more efficiently, because that efficiency enables them to create better differentiation, and bring more value to their customers…” Leading with digital transformation is a win-win strategy.

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We are the IT-Cloud innovation partner you need

At the core of our mission is digital transformation. From Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics to Legacy System Transformation, we blend expertise, innovation, and collaboration with our clients to shape the future of IT solutions. 

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The Impact of Digital Technology Solutions in Mortgage Valuation and Analytics for Leading Banks

Did you know our Digital Technology solutions are tailored to Banks including mortgage valuation and analytics? In fact, for over 20 years, we've been supporting the mortgage valuation for one of the nation's largest banks.

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Client Testimonial: Trusted Partner in Digital Transformation Success

At Intraprise, we creatively combine our experience, passion, and record of innovation with our customers’ domain expertise and perspective to deliver tomorrow’s information technology solutions today.

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Turn Big Data into Big Actions

Big data can tell a big story if you pay attention carefully. With a holistic perspective and an empathetic view, our customers can create value from data with added context and nuance that drives deeper intelligence and insight.

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AI Predications for the Economy and Workplace

We're watching AI trends thoughtfully, the latest from McKinsey gives us a glimpse into economy and workplace transformations. "The report found that about three-quarters of generative AI’s value will be concentrated in four areas: customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and R&D." With these implications, we have to ask, how is your firm preparing? 

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AI Implications for Marketing - feedback from Cannes Lions 2023

As if there's any doubt, the topic du jour this year is AI. The feedback from Cannes Lions 2023 is a resounding: AI. We're moving from "What is it? What will it be? to "How are you using it?" With its reach for every industry, we're eager to see developments in the marketing space. With renewed time and energy, where will our creativity take us? 

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Artificial Intelligence is Changing Our World. How Can We Keep Up?

Discover the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it's shaping our world. At Intraprise, we believe in embracing AI's potential and leveraging it to our advantage. Join us in adapting to this technological shift and unlock new opportunities for your business.

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Meet Our Experts

Want to know more about the experienced technologists behind the Intraprise Operation? Meet our top experts, and get to know our services and offerings. 

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Mid-Year, Our Message Remains the Same: Change is Rapid, But You Can Keep Pace

As we come up on the mid-2023 mark, we are taking the chance to reflect on our messaging shared here at the beginning of the year. We've said it before: the speed and magnitude of change is difficult to keep up with. We're finding that's truer than ever. 

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Optimize Your Cloud Computing Environment

Last week we mentioned some common Cloud missteps. This week, we want to offer some solutions to the challenges you could be facing. 

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The Top 5 Misconceptions About The Cloud

We've heard it before. "Serverless? That can't possibly be secure." Despite its decade-long road to prominence,  Cloud Computing remains confusing or intimidating in the technology field; many of us hold onto misconceptions about The Cloud, and could be holding back progress and growth for businesses across markets.

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Change Is Inevitable. Meet it With Innovation.

We live in a chaotic world marked by continuous change. Grab control of what you can: let Intraprise support your business through this time of rapid change. Innovation starts here. 

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Transform Your Business with Cloud Computing

Noticing that all of the organizations you encounter are moving to the cloud? We are. And that's a good, necessary next step. Embrace the power of the Cloud for your business's growth. 

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The Rate of Change is Putting Stores Out of Business: A Real Example

You may have heard that Bed Bath & Beyond has filed for bankruptcy, and while there are many factors, we believe that the rate of change in our digital world is one of the most influential.

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25+ Years of Intraprise: Let Our Experience Serve Your Business

For a quarter of a century, Intraprise has been hard at work, innovatively adapting to our ever-changing digital landscape. 

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Today’s Book Recommendation: “The Age of AI And Our Human Future”

You've likely considered the ways in which AI will impact technology and innovation. But, its possible we aren't asking enough questions about how exactly AI might have the ability to impact our world. If you find yourself wondering about the less obvious impacts of AI on our daily life, and on our world in general, we have a book to recommend. 

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How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Consumers & Businesses?

Artificial intelligence is transforming how we operate in every walk of life. AI technology provides businesses and consumers with capabilities that enable people to rethink how we integrate information, interpret data, and use analytical insights to improve processes in every day life.

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NPR’s “Why We Need Philosophers Engaged in Public Life” Relates More to Technology Than We May Realize

NPR’s Tania Lombrozo reminds us of an important truth: we need philosophers to engage in public life. Not the ancient philosopher type, of course – but real, current-day participants in society, fit to evaluate and analyze our current world to provide a perspective on morality in the context of our current social climate. 

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On “You Are Not A Parrot”: Let’s Remember the Nuance

Last week, in our post called “Focus My Friends: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity,” we wrote about AI, and the role it plays in our lives now, and in the future. The debate stands: will AI eventually replace us or our work, as a human-like entity, thinking and participating among us? 


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Focus My Friends: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity

Technological advancement and Artificial Intelligence have been an undeniable benefit to humanity, no question. But with the accelerating change around AI, the question arises: will there come a point wherein technology replaces the human experience?


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Cloud Computing: An eBook Resource

Are you interested in the future of Cloud Computing? Todd J. Fisher, Founder of Intraprise, has a Cloud Computing eBook that can provide the context you need to understand where the future of Cloud Computing is taking us.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Human Experience: How Do We Keep Up?

The advancement of technology, specifically A.I., raises questions and concerns about what it looks like to work, communicate, exist in the coming years. In his NYT article, In the Age of A.I., Major in Being Human,” David Brooks makes an important point about the human experience, and its role in our ever-changing world. We agree with his insights; what do you think?

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Business Technology: Adaptability Demands Flexibility

It’s time to answer an important question: if adaptability and resilience are critical attributes to every business's survival, what can be done now to develop such attributes? We think we have (at least part of) the answer. 

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The Rise of Cloud Computing: Where Are We Headed

Cloud Computing is rising in popularity; soon, the Cloud will be the norm. Here's where the cloud is taking us:

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Cloud Migration: The Serverless Distinction

In our last post, “The Move to the Cloud: Needs Are Changing,” we included an excerpt from a 2021 Gartner press release to draw attention to an important distinction between a cloud-native computing environment offered by cloud service providers (CSPs) and internet connected data centers configured with dedicated server, networking, and storage technologies.  This distinction is based on the concept of serverless computing. And with serverless computing comes the benefits most organizations wish to realize by migrating to the cloud. So, what is serverless computing?

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The Move to Cloud Computing: Needs Are Changing

The artful transition to the cloud requires expertise that is in limited supply.  But alas, all is not lost. There is no need to panic and overreact. Where there is nuance, there are also solutions. 

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Why Are More Businesses Prioritizing the Transition to the Cloud?

More and more businesses are making the transition to the cloud, especially in the last few years. In fact, over 90% of businesses are using the cloud in some capacity. And cloud-based workloads account for 75% of workloads in 1 out of 5 organizations. What's driving the push to the cloud?

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The Rapid Growth of Big Data & IoT

Big Data and the IoT are growing rapidly - and the impacts of such rapid growth have the power to affect decisions we make in all aspects of our life. Take a look at the stats; what's your next step?

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My Message For The New Year

At this time of year we are reminded to pause to appreciate your valued support. Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. We look forward to the excitement 2023 brings.

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The Best of 2022: Our Top 5 Posts of the Year

As 2022 comes to a close, we are excited to share our top 5 posts from this past year! We are proud of what we've accomplished in 2022, and we're excited for what 2023 brings!

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Computer Security Q&A Featuring Intraprise CIO, Joe Brown

Do you have computer security concerns, with the recent shift to ‘work-from-home’ culture? We do. But we also have answers to the questions you’re probably asking yourself.  Joe Brown, COO & CIO of Intraprise Solutions, answers your questions about Computer Security.

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Security Needs in Our Work From Home Culture

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to the fully remote workforce. And with the advent of a 100% remote workforce, endpoint security is much more of a concern - as users are no longer on premises but remain directly connected to an organization’s internal network.

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Content in a Media Minute: Big Data is Growing

With the always-changing landscape of social media, and the subsequent content created by its users, "Big Data" is is bigger and more important than ever. What does the influx of content available mean to us and our digital world?

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Company Spotlight: Meet Our CIO, Joe Brown

Joe Brown, CIO of Intraprise Solutions, is answering your questions about Computer Security, just in time for Computer Security Day, on November 30th! Learn more about Joe's background and experience.

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The Future is Closer than We Think

We don't know what we think we know, and that's a good thing. Mary Shelly wrote, "invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos." How does that relate to our digital world? We'll tell you.

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The Oil-Data Comparison Is Only Half a Metaphor

Data is often compated to oil, as a raw material of value. But that isn't the full picture. There is more complexity and nuance in comparing the two. 

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Behavioral Analytics: Healthcare Providers and the Communities they Serve

Looking through the lens of the average patient, healthcare might take on a meaning that seems rather inconsistent with the capitalist idea of consumerism and a consumer’s agency to make choices.  If, however, we reframe the discussion and focus on the average patient as a consumer, looking through that lens, what might we find?

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On Data Driven Choice Architecture in Healthcare

Big Data is a well-known concept in the tech industry; as we continue to collect consumer created content from the internet and social media, new and innovative uses for that data arise.

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Synapsys Snippets: Facebook is The Matrix

When The Matrix came out in 1999, it seemed like an impossible world: a future we weren't headed toward. But today, with virtual and augmented reality, the fictional world seems less far fetched.

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Synapsys Snippets: True Genius

Book smarts are valuable, but creativity and innovation outweigh book smarts in today's digital economy. 

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Intraprise Celebrates 25 Years of Business

Intraprise was officially founded 25 years ago. Since then, our company has grown and evolved with several accomplishments and milestones along the way.

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Synapsys Snippets: Social Media is a Game

Today's digital world is loud. How do we tease the signal from the noise? We pay attention. 

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The Other Side of the Attention Economy

Attention is scarce, and our current Digital Economy tends to grab more user attention than they should take. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We believe there is another side to the attention economy: one that is empathetic and understanding of the users’ unique experiences.

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Synapsys Snippets: The Power of Nimble in Today's Digital World

The ability to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing digital environment is left to those most able to adapt to change.

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The Generous Side Of The Attention Economy

The greatest value we can create is found in products and services designed to respect and preserve others' attention, rather than grab that attention when it is not ours to take. 

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A People-First Mindset Always Wins The Race

When shiny new technology is the focus, people pay a price. The once shiny new technology is tarnished until innovators come along and remove the tarnish using a "people-first" mindset.

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How CEO's Can Successfully Lead a Data-Driven Culture

While 90% of enterprises say big data is essential to business growth, only 30% of enterprises have seen measurable benefits from leveraging insights from big data. So why the gap?

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Digital Transformation Q&A, Featuring Todd J. Fisher

Earlier this month, we hosted a Q&A on Twitter featuring Intraprise’s Founder, Todd J. Fisher, to answer your top digital strategy questions. Check out the recap of our top 8 digital transformation questions to unlock valuable insights to apply to your digital strategy.

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Company Spotlight: Meet Our Founder, Todd J. Fisher

Meet Todd J. Fisher, a passionate information technology strategist, creative thinker, and successful entrepreneur serving the healthcare and financial services industries for over 35 years. 

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Unlock Valuable Insights to Apply to Your Digital Strategy, Featuring Todd J. Fisher, Founder of Intraprise Solutions

What questions about digital strategy keep you up at night?? Stop losing sleep and submit your questions to industry expert, Todd J. Fisher.

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Todd J. Fisher's Big Data insights featured in the latest CIOReview Data Analytics edition

"Continuous change driven by the rapid expansion of the digital universe continues to cycle and change at a torrid pace." ... What does it mean for Big Data and what does it mean for us? For those wanting to stay at the forefront of digital transformation, Todd J. Fisher's latest insights featured by CIO Review is a must read.

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More Data, Less Time: How Big Data is Impacting the Attention Economy

According to Forbes, 94% of enterprises say data and analytics are important to their business growth and digital transformation. However, the value truly stems from the quality of analysis and how it's applied to the strategy.

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Synapsis Snippets: Be Curious My Friends

In our information flooded world, Big Data is powerful, especially in the hands of curious and creative polymaths seeking to understand human nature.

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Wisdom Doesn't Tell Time

Reality exists in the moment - now. The past is irretrievable, and the future is unknowable. Now is the only time that matters. Persistence, empathy, curiosity, and adaptability are four traits I believe separate those who start but do not finish from those that successfully finish what they started.  

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Shaping Reality: Abundant Data and Scarce Attention

The ultimate value of a technology, app, data set, or platform is not really determined by the digital thing but rather by the way it captures attention. Where we place our valuable time drives the Attention Economy. Explore how attention can impact our reality and what that means. 

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The Attention Economy Reading List

Attention is a big deal with sprawling implications, and the topic requires a multi-discipline perspective, if we are to truly understand its impact on our world. Check out just a few of the books I have read and recommend to those seeking to tease the signal from the noise and design solutions for the Attention Economy. 


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The Fluid Nature of Big Data: Attention Economy in Brief

The Attention Economy is discussed in many ways, but most often the description is distilled down to how businesses with the means, motive, and access to mountains of data commoditize our attention for their financial gain.  

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Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and Eyedog.US Implement Innovative Digital Indoor Navigation Solution

Intraprise is excited to share that their Wayfinding Division, Eyedog.US, has implemented their cutting edge wayfinding technology at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Designed to help patients, visitors, and staff navigate the hospital with ease, the Eyedog Digital Wayfinding solution is a high-touch technology solution that advances digital strategy while improving the patient experience. The perfect fusion of technology and empathy, Eyedog's solution will serve and support the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center community.

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My Recent Encounter with Time and Attention

Our time is limited, and our attention is constantly pulled in too many directions. What does that mean for us as professionals, technologists, and more generally, as people in our changing digital world? The impacts could mean more about the ways we engage digitally than we may think. Join us over our next few posts as we dive into the challenge of managing attention and time.

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Attention, Value, and the Human Experience

The subject of value creation in the Attention Economy is increasingly at the center of water-cooler conversations rich in keywords and tricky phrases.  The link between attention and experience is lost with all the talk of attention as a scarce and valuable resource to be harvested.

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What is High Performance Computing? Why is it Important for Your Business Strategy?

With a new generation of digital technology, AI, and data analysis tools, more businesses are investing in High Performance Computing to adapt to this curve. Learn more about the benefits of incorporating HPC into your business strategy.

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eBook: Your Guide to Cloud Computing

Over the past six months, we have discussed the varied and complicated ways that our rapidly changing digital economy impacts our understandings (and misunderstandings) of the Cloud. Now, at your fingertips is our free Cloud Computing eBook. Download this resource to explore the building blocks of the Cloud, and break down the essential elements of a well-rounded cloud computing strategy in today's rapidly changing digital economy.

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App Stats: What it really means

We know how fast things change in our current era of Digital Transformation. And still, we were shocked by these app usage stats. We are rapidly approaching the day when the internet is no longer a tool we use, but the environment in which we exist commercially and socially.

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Digital Transformation: Surviving in an Exponential World

WIRED UK highlights an excerpt from Azeem Azhar's book, ExponentialAs we have said all along, Digital Transformation is about much more than technology.  This piece, and the book from which the excerpt was taken, offers a valuable perspective worth the time.

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IoT - The Interstitial Tissue of the Digital Universe

The Digital Universe has evolved at an accelerated rate. Are you prepared to adapt or will you fall behind in the "exponential technology gap."

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Thoughts on the Digital Economy

Attention is a finite resource that cannot be accumulated, consolidated, or redistributed - it is the raw material that forms our perceptions and ultimately shapes our reality. Needless to say, our attention is valuable and it represents currency consumers allocate, signaling what is how valuable in our digital economy. And it is in high demand. 

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The Evolution of Big Data: 2022 Trends and Statistics

The age of information is among us and digital information is rapidly being created, analyzed, and stored. Check out the top big data trends and statistics for 2022.

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As our Cloud Series comes to a close, we wish to share insights on the power of asking "why?" Such a simple question can unlock a cloud strategy that enables the flexibility your business needs to adapt, survive, and thrive.

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Accenture's 25 Cloud Trends for 2021 and Beyond: Our Thoughts

Accenture offers a compelling argument to take up a perspective that offers a broad view. As fantastic as Accenture’s article is, I am compelled to challenge their optimism regarding the future of the private cloud, as it is currently defined.  

Accenture’s more optimistic-than-average view of the future of the private cloud is based on the same hope-as-a-strategy foundation as the shouters from the roof-tops that I mentioned in my last post.  Their logic is predicated on a seemingly magical absorption of skills and expertise across all organizations that are required to cost-effectively implement a private cloud and then “enjoy the benefits of both” using a hybrid model, all while the acceleration in the rate of change continues its exponential trajectory.  That suggests every business, regardless of their primary industry and business model, will include a sufficiently trained and competent team, costly hardware, and sophisticated software to effectively manage a portion of cloud computing internally and keep pace with advancements made by those firms with the greatest incentives to invest in R&D. 


That is a bit like combining the power companies with their scale and expertise with a private version of an equally capable private power grid infrastructure service provider.  Even most generators that serve as private business back up power sources are installed, maintained, and supported by third parties with power utility skills, focus, and business model.

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Part Three of our three-part series on Cloud Computing looks a little bit different than we initially expected.

Continue on this journey with us to understand the complexity of Cloud Computing and the rate of change impacting it. 

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The Future of Cloud Computing - The Rate of Change Keeps Rising

When the best strategy is hyper-adaptability and the best advice often requires humility.

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Vail Health and Eyedog.US Implement Cutting-Edge Digital Indoor Navigation Solution

We are proud to announce that Eyedog.US, a division of Intraprise Solutions, has partnered with Vail Health Hospital to offer comprehensive indoor digital wayfinding. Together with Vail Health Hospital, Eyedog will improve the patient experience, reduce stress and anxiety, and center patient safety. Read more about about this partnership supports our efforts to provide human-centered technology across markets. 

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Welcome to 2022: Where Curiosity Leads to Innovation

Our series on Cloud Computing is still in progress, with our final part, Part III, on the way soon. But first, we want to take a moment to address an imortant moment in time that caused us to press pause, before pushing on into 2022. Now that we are "pressing play" again, we are excited for you to join us on our path toward the future.

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CLOUD COMPUTING GROWTH, Evidence of a Data-driven Paradigm Shift

The global cloud computing market is growing at an exponential rate. Learn more and why it matters for your cloud adoption strategy.

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Intraprise Solutions Named "Most Promising Big Data Solution Provider 2021" by CIOReview

We are thrilled to be named "Most Promising Big Data Solution Provider 2021" by CIOReview. Our expertise, past and present, has always involved the dedicated and strategic management of data. It's that skill and our ability to remain fluid that drives us to enable our clients to become adaptive organizations.

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Cloud Computing Infographic: The Building Blocks of The Cloud

Cloud Computing has proven to be a valuable part of any business strategy, as its adoption has grown in popularity. Take a look at our visual guide to understand Cloud Computing, and assess the latest trends around Cloud Initiatives.

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Part Two of a three-part series on Cloud Computing digs into the building blocks used to design a cloud computing strategy.

Part one built the foundation, and part three will dive into how to put our building blocks together. Join us on our exploration of how "the cloud" unlocks an opportunity to build an adaptable, fluid business strategy. 

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Hey, you, get onto my cloud: building a cloud strategy for a post-pandemic world

The global COVID pandemic wreaked havoc, causing unanticipated disruptions and economic instability across many sectors in the global economy.  

Business continuity plans failed, highlighting areas of weakness, chief among them the ability to rapidly adapt to change and remain resilient. Such weaknesses were exacerbated and magnified as struggling businesses continued to survive and recover to pre-pandemic operations and financial performance.  

Such vulnerabilities have, in turn, radically intensified the pressure placed on business leaders across industries and markets to act with thoughtful urgency. Technology investment planning has been reimagined, with the goal of using emerging digital technologies to reduce the number of unmet needs within an organization.

This article highlights four of the myriad reasons to focus technology investments toward cloud-computing.

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In this first part of a three-part series on Cloud Computing, I start at the beginning: What is "the cloud?"

In parts two and three I will dive deeper into the details that make cloud computing a valuable part of any business strategy designed to rapidly adapt to change.

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Keeping Pace Requires an Open Mind

As I have suggested in several posts, the biggest challenge facing organizations today is failing to embrace change - rapid change.

I would be remiss to avoid the obvious - change for many is very hard. It is human nature, the default setting, so to speak, to fit continuous changes we observe into our existing narrative for how the world works. Unfortunately, the puzzle pieces don't fit.

This article looks at the factors that promote success in today's changing world, most important of which is transforming from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

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Digital Transformation Key Words and Tricky Phrases

In our rapidly changing digital universe, new concepts, innovations, and business models come with their own vernacular. New terms and phrases land in the public domain where messaging experts and marketeers quickly craft narratives in an attempt to differentiate and impress.

These new terms and phrases, wrapped in freshly minted messaging become overused, misused, and repurposed until they lose their meaning.

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Is US healthcare really ready for AI?

This morning I searched Google using the literal string "AI in healthcare". An astounding 670,000 results appeared instantaneously. I chose to search a more refined index and executed the same query over Google Scholar. In .67 seconds Google delivered 2,640 results.

There is little question that AI is a potential healthcare game changer. For AI to work, it requires lots and lots of data. And the data must be sufficiently comprehensive to represent the full breadth and depth of the real world manifestation of whatever healthcare use case is modeled. Unfortunately, the "inconvenient truth" is that health data is disjointed, compartmentalized, poorly shared, and semantically inconsistent.

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Can US banks keep up?

In the age of autonomous driving vehicles, privately funded space tourism, and AI initaitives seeking to model and replicate human consciousness (Lex Fridman Podcast episode #215), it is hard to imagine that over 40% of US banks still rely on COBOL (a 60+ year old technology) as a core technology platform.

This piece by EY offers eye-opening analysis and insights, as well as an opportunity to be a fly on the wall during two meetings held by the Bank Governance Leadership Network (BGLN) in early 2019. EY offers access to the BGLN Report, Viewpoints, at the end of their article.

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Quantum computing - are you ready?

We live in an age of constant hype and hyperbole. In the face of an exponential acceleration in the rate of change,discussions that suggest revolutionary technologies such as quantum computing are right around the corner are often and all too easily dismissed.

This piece offers facts regarding the rapid increase in the number of serious research papers and publications on quantum computing, as well as a corresponding rise in the the number and level of investments in quantum computing.

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Accelerating rate of change

Did you know that 50 years ago the average life expectancy of companies listed on the S&P 500 was about 60 years, and now companies listed on the S&P 500 last less than 20 years. Such a precipitous decline - nearly 70% - in the life expectancy of companies listed on the S&P 500 is a vivid illustration of the disruptive nature change can have on businesses, industries, and entire markets. But that is not the whole story. After all, many businesses recognize the inevitability of change and the need to adapt accordingly. The stats suggest there is more to the disruptive nature of change - another dimension that is often overlooked. What happens when the rate of change is also changing?

Accelerating rate of change is perhaps the most critical source of disruption in the digital economy.

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More than technology

Digital transformation fails when those responsible for executing on a strategy fail to understand the holistic nature of real digital transformation. It requires adaptation across the entire continuum of human experience to survive and thrive in this global digital ecosystem. If we wish to distill digital transformation down to its first principle, it is about recognizing and adapting to rapid change driven by the convergence of advanced information technology, biology, and the environment in which we exist.

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The Digital Economy in 2025

Pluralsight offers expert insight into a McKinsey report that discusses the creative destruction potential of 10 technologies associated with the fourth industrial revolution. In four short years, by 2025, these technologies will have a major impact on the global economy, disrupt the very nature of work, and alter the future workforce needs in unprecendented ways.

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Media is changing - 7 predictions

In 2016, Business Insider's Ignition conference offered a glimpse into the future of media. And it appears that future is now. How good are we at predicting? Certainly, advancements in all things digital offer the potential for insights previously beyond our reach. There is, however, much more noise than signal. We need to ask the right questions, evaluate the answers, and surgically tease the signal from the noise.

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What is digital transformation?

Here are five steps companies can implement to mitigate challenges associated with digital transformation. This piece offers a more holistic perspective punctuated by a discussion regarding changing skill set requirements and the importance of adaptability.

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Creating a data-driven organization

Two crucial competencies required in a digital universe - data engineering and understanding how to leverage high performance cloud computing - are critical for organizations operating today that wish to continue to operate tomorrow. MIT and Amazon's AWS share their insights.

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Digital is going fast

New products and platforms make space for new cycles of innovation, all of which tend to follow a similar cycle.

We should understand the past to anticipate what is to come. Sounds right. Beware of our tendency, as humans, to "understand in hindsight" by crafting narratives to explain. Predictions have no stories to fit what has not yet happened. We don't know what we don't know.

Hyper-adaptability is thus the most valuable competitive advantage.

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