Synapsys Snippets: True Genius

by Todd J. Fisher, Wednesday, October 5, 2022

True genius is embodied in the ability to connect dots in creative, meaningful ways; book smarts are less valuable than creative, innovative problem solving. Progressive, competitive businesses are keenly aware of the infinitude of what can’t be known. They push through anyway, filling gaps in knowledge with instinct and intuition, derived from sharp insight. 

Amidst a deluge of data, we can be easily tricked into thinking that we have all of the answers. Offering ample data, and analytics to match, is certainly valuable, but is not the end of the road. Smart information technologists do not offer analytics; they offer insight. With insight, the possibilities are limitless. The dots, once hidden, are visible and can be connected in an infinite number of ways to provide an infinite number of solutions to any challenge. The true genius isn’t in the data or even the analytics, but in the insights. 

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