Hey, you, get onto my cloud: building a cloud strategy for a post-pandemic world

by Todd Fisher, Wednesday, November 3, 2021

I caught the Rolling Stones reference in the first six words of the title of this post. It caught my attention,  as I scanned a seemingly infinite list of posts about strategic planning around cloud computing. So, for creativity and knowing your audience, score one for the author. Written for C-suite executives who came of age as business leaders when words like “nimble” and “agile” were used to rationalize sloppiness and lack of discipline, this piece does offer nuggets of wisdom worth a few minutes. 

A word of consideration. I do not believe the pandemic triggered a sudden transition from the third to the fourth industrial revolution. That said, the author’s point was not lost amid the hyperbole.  The pandemic has forced those who may have struggled from a case of “cultural lag” manifest in a “wait and see” philosophy to reassess and act with thoughtful urgency.  Agility and nimbleness (I prefer adaptability) are now very desirable traits necessary to survive in our data-driven digital universe - an environment defined by continuous innovation and on-going market disruption - what I like to refer to as rapid-cycling creative destruction.

This piece reminds us that “the cloud” is more than another tricky phrase. It is an important boardroom topic that requires discussion and action, and building a cloud strategy is a challenging and critically important endeavor.  Making sense of the matrix of choices “the cloud” offers is the topic of part 2 of my three part series titled, “THE CLOUD” (coming next week). If you missed part 1, please feel free to visit our newly renovated Knowledge Exchange and take a look. 

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