Cloud Computing: An eBook Resource

by Megan Fisher, Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Directly from our founder, Todd J. Fisher’s Cloud Computing eBook, we bring you an intro to Cloud Computing. Gain a clearer understanding of the power of the Cloud, so that your team can optimize for your organization's growth. Or, better yet, partner with Intraprise to gain insights on your current systems and a path to more effective use of the cloud. 

Cloud Computing

The different ways we can engage with and leverage “the cloud” is the proverbial “secret sauce.” As a technology architecture, the cloud is not a one size fits all thing - not even remotely (pun intended). On the contrary, the cloud offers various cloud computing options that can be assembled and reassembled like a set of legos.

Though the combination of specific cloud configuration options (e.g., public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud) employed to subscribe to one or more cloud-based business models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, for example), the cloud offers an enormous number of options capable of serving a very diverse set of needs. When I think about my lego metaphor, I am reminded of one of the most relevant and valuable attributes of the cloud: hyper-adaptability.

Lost in the Clouds

And this is where many discussions about the cloud cannot be understood without context. What manifestation of the cloud is in use and why? There are good and valid reasons to choose any one of the possible ways in which the proverbial legos can be assembled. What specific options - the good, bad, and ugly (or good, better, and best) - exist with each? That’s up next.  

Cloud Computing

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