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by Laura Roberto, Monday, May 22, 2023

Advances in cloud computing, driven primarily by major public cloud service providers, called CSPs, have ushered in a second generation of what we think of as the cloud: Cloud 2.0. To encourage greater cloud adoption and drive innovation, CSPs have deployed technologies that abstract (add layers of software designed to hide) the complexities traditionally associated with configuring, scaling, and extending a server-based computing infrastructure. The burden and complexity of managing and scaling the cloud’s computing resources is increasingly the job of the CSPs, opening the door for cloud native solutions and greater ROI for legacy system cloud migration. The cloud is becoming a serverless computing environment.  

New skills are required, and we offer them.

Our experience developing and optimizing cloud-native solutions in a Cloud 2.0 world has proven illuminating. Organizations are attempting to execute on strategies based on a cloud-first principle without a sufficient understanding of their new computing environment. 

The transition to a serverless architecture requires expertise that is in limited supply.  Intraprise offers that experience; our team of cloud fluent software engineers and technologists can perform cost-effective assessments to uncover design and architecture flaws causing both performance issues and unnecessary monthly expenses.  Our team can ensure that such findings are remedied without a complete rewrite. We can solve your cloud migration troubles without backing out of the cloud environment, saving you the expense of resetting and starting over. And you can reap the benefits of a serverless infrastructure.

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