My Message For The New Year

by Todd J. Fisher, Thursday, December 22, 2022

Of all the content we have shared via our Knowledge Exchange and various social media channels over the course of this past year, the most important message I took away from our research can be found in various posts about the speed and magnitude of change. If you haven’t visited our Knowledge Exchange, our relatively recent post, The Future Is Closer Than We Think, discusses this very topic.

In my opinion, the greatest challenge leaders and strategists face is keeping pace with and adapting to continuous, rapid change. Over the course of my 35 year career, I have seen so many decisions informed by what has worked, unaware of what is coming and what will work. For some, the results of such decisions could be fixed - 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. But the rate of change continues to accelerate - exponentially.

Creative destruction is not just some academic lesson taught in economics classes.  It is a very real threat to the continued viability of organizations of all types and sizes and spans across all industries.  In hindsight, the Blockbusters of the world seem obvious. We cannot undo what wasn't done with the benefit of hindsight.

To borrow a bit from Louis Pasteur, fortune favors the prepared mind, which today is best demonstrated by those who embrace uncertainty created by the exponential acceleration in the rate of change. Those most able to adapt will have the ability to respond nimbly and continuously.

With so much change coming so fast, what is the best way to leverage the latest relevant technologies most cost effectively and remain scalable and extensible? I encourage everyone to review the trends and projections related to organizations transforming their mission critical processing to the major public cloud service providers' continuously evolving environments.

The benefits of the public cloud stem from the advances in various technologies implemented in different ways that provide each public cloud service provider its super-powers. Therefore, as with anything worth doing, native cloud engineering and public cloud migration initiatives require thought and specific expertise. Deep domain experience certainly adds greater speed and creativity without jeopardizing quality.    

A note of caution: Simply lifting and shifting systems to the public cloud is a failed initiative before it starts.  

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Good luck in 2023. 

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