AI in the Financial Sector

by Megan Fisher, Tuesday, November 28, 2023

We’ve long said that AI and Automation are the future; and, as this reality comes to pass, certain sectors - the Financial Sector in particular - weigh the risks and benefits of deploying such technology, ultimately finding that the benefits are undeniable. More accurately, we’ve reached a turning point, wherein the benefits are now necessary to keep pace; neglecting to participate in the world of AI and Automation will put you behind.

In his ITBrew article, “Automation and AI are increasingly deployed in the financial sector, cutting time for repetitive processes,” Eoin Higgins discusses this exact topic with Matt Ham, VP of digital automation at Osaic. Ham cuts right to the chase, saying, “We’re looking at our solutions from an end-to-end business perspective, not just looking at it from an IT perspective and trying to fit the business into the IT.” 

At Intraprise, we agree with this idea: AI & Automation have transcended their IT categorization, and moving forward with that understanding is the key to successful digital transformation. Such rapid change in the field of AI & Automation has forced us to abandon the categories that used to exist, pushing us to zoom out and adapt, so that we can truly benefit from the advancements we deploy.

Read the full ITBrew article, for more on AI & Automation in the Financial Sector.

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