Today’s Book Recommendation: “The Age of AI And Our Human Future”

by Megan Fisher, Monday, April 3, 2023

While we usually recommend articles to click and read for fast learning (matching the speedy pace of digital change we so often discuss), today we recommend an old fashioned, paperback book. But don’t worry! We can still offer you a ‘click’: check out the preview, to see what you’re diving into before you order. But, we trust you’ll be as fascinated as we are with Kissinger, Schmidt, and Huttenlocher’s “The Age of AI And Our Human Future.” 

In their preface, the authors write:

This book seeks to explain AI and provide the reader with both questions we must face in coming years and tools to begin answering them. The questions include:

    • What do AI-enabled innovations in health, biology, space, and quantum physics look like?
    • What do AI-enabled “best friends” look like, especially to children?
    • What does AI-enabled war look like?
    • Does AI perceive aspects of reality humans do not?
    • When AI participates in assessing and shaping human action, how will humans change? 
    • What, then, will it mean to be human?

Dive into a comprehensive analysis of how AI could change the world we live in. It’s more than tech - it’s a future we may need to visualize before we find ourselves there.

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