Reintroducing: INTRAPRISE

by Megan Fisher, Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Many of you have been with us on our journey from the beginning - 20+ years ago. But for those who are new to the Intraprise community, we welcome you and love to see you following along with us! 

We’re Intraprise, a successful Digital Technology Services team with experienced technologists, software and data engineers, strategists and advisors driven by four core values: empathy, humility, curiosity, and perseverance. Aiming to empower and transform businesses across markets, the people behind Intraprise remain grounded in the idea that digital transformation is a process rather than an event: it’s about far more than deploying the newest, coolest technologies. Success demands that we listen to understand and engage meaningfully with our clients, their markets, and the changing needs of each particular customer.

Listen, understand, and engage with us: here on our Knowledge Exchange, we share our commentary - backed by experience - on the trends and experiences we’ll all face as we continue on our journey into the future. With Digital Disruption as a driving force across markets, we see the importance of keeping pace with the rapid change around us. And Intraprise is proud to offer products and services designed to do just that. 

We’re glad you’re here with us. Follow along for trends, content, and commentary on our rapidly evolving digital universe. Imagine: what if? What’s next?

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