Synapsys Snippets: Facebook is The Matrix

by Todd J. Fisher, Thursday, October 13, 2022

Facebook extending into virtual and augmented reality makes perfect sense. It is a move toward a world in which we experience life like those in the movie The Matrix. We are all plugged into the Internet, forming a collective consciousness arising from a digital existence and looking for different ways to perceive and experience a fluid, untethered reality. 

What is real, after all? Is our conscious, unaltered state of mind the only state that is real? Or, is anything and everything we perceive, conscious or subconscious, altered or unaltered, “real” or “virtual” deemed reality? Will what we believe to be “reality” and what we see coming as “virtual reality” really be synonymous? Or, should we consider one form of reality to be better than the other form of reality? I can offer this: I respectfully submit both forms of reality are states of existence at one point in time.  

The creativity behind The Matrix series is truly fascinating. But it is not original. It is based on the “Brain in a Vat” thought experiment, as put forth by Hilary Putnam. I am compelled to ask - Is Facebook becoming The Matrix? With over 4.0 billion subscribers and their acquisition and integration of virtual and augmented reality technology companies, it appears that the "brain in the vat" is really the brain in the cloud.

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