Company Spotlight: Meet Our CIO, Joe Brown

by Julia Sweeney, Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Computer security concerns have become a very real issue for businesses, across markets and specialties. Imagine doing your current job without using a computer at all: it is nearly impossible, no matter your career path. With the ubiquitous computer use for work - both in the workplace and at home - it is necessary to take a look at your computer security, to ensure your practices don’t put you and your employer (or employees!) at risk.

Joe Brown, CIO of Intraprise Solutions, is answering your questions about Computer Security, just in time for Computer Security Day, on November 30th! Stay tuned, as we dive into answering key questions, with answers that will help you to protect yourself, your work, and your intellectual property. Learn more about Joe's background and experience below: 

Joe Brown 1

Joe 3

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