Solving for What’s Next

Intraprise Solutions believes a competitive advantage requires asking smart questions about what opportunities exist and employing equally smart technologies to capitalize on them. As leaders in high performance computing, analytics, and legacy system transformation, we create solutions that help you unlock your business and intellectual value.


Skills and Expertise

  • High Performance Computing (Grid and Cloud Computing)
  • Big Data, Predictive and Behavioral Analytics
  • Legacy System Transformation
  • Services Oriented Architectures and Web Services
  • n-Tier Application Development
  • Microsoft Development Suite
  • Database Architecture and Design
  • Mobile Computing (iOS, Android)
  • Transactional Interfaces
  • Technology Due Diligence
  • Java
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Better Insights with BIG DATA
Big Data offers veins of opportunity gain a competitive edge. We provide the highly sophisticated tools you need to mine through data and glean invaluable information and insights.

Agile Software Development

Intraprise Solutions employs aspects of Agile software development principles, which are aimed to make the software industry more productive, responsive, and sustainable by relying on individual interaction rather than monolithic processes and tools.

Collaborating with customers is the hallmark of our development process.  Small, creatively empowered teams with deep expertise in both advanced technology and the business domain architect, develop and deploy software solutions that meet the customer’s specific vision.