October 17, 2013

Real. Powerful. Thinking.

“We are too much accustomed to attribute to a single cause that which is the product of several, and the majority of our controversies come from that.” ~ Marcus Aurelius, Philosopher and Roman Emperor 121 – 180 CE

Intraprise Solutions’ new blog, “Real. Powerful. Thinking.” will address the complexities inherent in business’ desire to achieve competitive advantage through technological innovation. In such a volatile market, rapid information technology advancements can be a blessing and a curse. Advancements and adoption of information technology has fueled enhanced productivity through technological innovation. However, such change can be disruptive and is often thus slowed or hobbled by complex sociological and economic circumstances, collectively referred to as “cultural lag.”*

“Real. Powerful. Thinking.” will investigate technological advancements in their business context and how to apply such innovation while mitigating the myriad types and forms of disruption that often accompany such advancements. In short, how can we think deeply and powerfully about how businesses can optimize opportunities to innovate and obtain competitive advantage while mitigating the negative impact of “cultural lag”?

Such discussions will require “Real. Powerful. Thinking.” to highlight the state and direction of information technology, the complexities surrounding new and modified system deployment, issues that transcend new gadgets and software and look deeply into the relationship between data, information, technology, and human behavior.

Intraprise Solutions looks forward to bringing forth interesting and engaging topics that will not only challenge the status quo but will benefit from your thoughts and comments on the various blog entries.

*”Cultural Lag” – a sociological and economic phrase that postulates vested interests in the status quo and cultural values can slow the adoption of technological innovation.  See a more formal definition with an example here.

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