Our beliefs

Financial Services Institutions and Consumers can both benefit from insights that arrive from data:

  • Sophisticated analytics provide institutions with a clearer picture of risk enabling them to better manage their portfolios.
  • Predictive analytics, including those focused on consumer behavior, can enable institutions to safely provide products to a wider variety of consumers

Few industries stand to gain more from the preponderance of available data than financial services. Information technology systems and sophisticated analytics are necessary to collect, catalog, and process all these data thoroughly and efficiently.

Finding needles of insight in the haystack of financial, consumer, and market data is the key to gaining a competitive advantage.

Our approach

Intraprise Solutions has a proven track record of customer-focused, results-oriented execution, especially in the domain of high performance computing, risk analysis and asset valuation. Our expertise in Agile development practices, coupled with our nimble and cost-effective delivery methods allows us to provide results early and often. Time from concept to market is short – perfectly suited for custom solutions designed for organizations in the complex financial services market.


Our offerings

Working in a strict project environment or in conjunction with your Information Technology department, Intraprise provides sophisticated and complex systems that will meet myriad needs of the financial services industry. We focus on data and architecture challenges – processing huge amounts of data, and ensuring a scalable architectures with cloud and grid computing to allow for the processing of ever-larger data sets as your footprint of financial assets grows.

Financial Service Offerings

  • Asset Valuation
  • Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Prepayment and Default Analysis
  • Option Adjusted Spread (OAS) Analysis
  • Legacy System Transformation
  • Enterprise-level Applications


  • High Performance Computing including Cloud and Grid Computing
  • Cloud-enabling
  • Distributed Databases and Big Data Techniques
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Web and Intranet-based applications
  • Security and Privacy