February 18, 2014

Embrace Chaos with Legacy System Transformation

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ~Charles Darwin

The only constant is change. And, the velocity and direction of change disrupts our business lives more every day – particularly, technological change. The shelf life for information technology solutions is shrinking. Those that fail to keep pace are left behind. How do organizations with established cultures and substantial investment in workflows, processes, computing environments, and mission-specific applications keep pace? Does the swiftness of information technology advancement demand a wholesale technology and process refresh? To borrow from Charles Darwin, successful organizations must adapt and survive.

Intraprise Solutions Offers Legacy System Transformation

There is still significant extractable value in existing information technology investments, particularly vertical applications. Intraprise Solutions works with clients to enhance existing systems through integration with (not replacement by) new technologies and standards. Providing them with new technologies infused with the value of practice, experience, and familiarity.

Open source initiatives, valuable third party data sources, as well as interoperability, communications, and format standards all combine with new, cost-effective cloud-based business models to render an information technology ecosystem that is highly supportive of adaptation through Legacy System Transformation. Closed systems can now be digitized, opened, integrated, web-enabled, and mobilized, thus leveraging rather than gutting the value embedded in prior investments. Both financially and technologically sound, Legacy System Transformation offers those that choose such an approach the opportunity to exercise thoughtful urgency, rather than desperate action.

The options for legacy system transformation are many and varied. The following examples, taken from Intraprise Solutions’ clients, are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg:

Digitize and automate paper-based processes through centralized and distributed document capture, bar code, OCR, and ICR technologies.

Integrate disparate departmental systems to provide more efficient information flow and new data aggregation and analytics options.

Web-enable existing platforms and applications, thus radically improving information accessibility while reducing system support and maintenance costs, as new, cost-effective, shared communication and computing infrastructures are utilized.

Transform complex, single-user spreadsheet tools and solutions that have propagated through so many businesses over the past twenty years – to scalable, adaptable, multi-user database systems and applications.

Grid-enable (i.e., massive parallel processing) complex predictive modeling solutions to answer increasingly complex questions more simply and much, much more rapidly and accurately.

Mobilize data, analytics and workflow applications to place the right information in the right place at the right time with access to critical features. Informed, timely decisions in a rapidly evolving business environment provide a clear competitive advantage.

There are many successful paths forward, each with unique risks, challenges, and rewards. Intraprise Solutions’ Legacy System Transformation offers a path forward that seizes on technological innovation, and leverages previous investments in technology, processes, and valuable institutional knowledge – a wise consideration that takes advantage of existing technology standards and publicly available infrastructure. Don’t let the weight of new information technology advancements crack the foundation on which successful organizations are built. Rather, work with Intraprise Solutions to adapt, survive and prosper.

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