Author: Sean Fisher

Sean Fisher, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and a 2014 bronze medalist in the World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships, is a new contributor to our blog, offering valuable insight into the relationship between philosophy, deep thinking, and success that seamlessly translates to leadership in business. As an elite athlete and successful international competitor, Mr. Fisher has spent the past several years crafting an innovative approach to realizing and coaching success that rests on a deep appreciation and understanding of the relationship between philosophy-based introspection, self-awareness, and success. A graduate of Boston University’s school of Education with a degree in history and philosophy, Mr. Fisher splits his time between training fellow Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors, preparing for competition, and sharing his approach to learning and coaching in his role as a professional educator. Mr. Fisher’s accomplishments embody the value of Real. Powerful. Thinking.