October 30, 2019

Intraprise Solution launches Eyedog.US to offer cutting edge Wayfinding-as-a-Service primarily within the healthcare market

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Originally posted on October 30, 2019

Intraprise partners with Dutch company Eyedog and bases new wayfinding offering on scientifically proven photo landmark pedestrian navigation platform

YARDLEY, PA – Intraprise Solutions, long-time professional services firm with deep roots and multiple spin-outs in healthcare IT, is tackling one of the most anxiety-provoking aspects of healthcare – patients being able to find their way through unfamiliar healthcare facilities at a time when they are focused on their own health or that of a loved one.

Intraprise has launched a new division, Eyedog.US, to provide a turnkey service to solve this problem faced by all healthcare provider organizations.  The wayfinding-as-a-service solution includes implementation, support and customer adoption, and the platform can be deployed to consumers in both cloud and native app (iOS/Android) formats.

Eyedog.US’ wayfinding technology uses a scientifically vetted approach that combines “landmark” photos and step-by-step directions to help patients and hospital visitors easily find their way around hospitals and campuses. The app presents intuitive, easy-to-follow directions that lessen anxiety and frustration, and empowers patients to focus on their health rather than the logistics of their visit.

Unlike most wayfinding solutions, Eyedog.US employs a unique photo navigation approach that  doesn’t require hospitals to invest in additional hardware or network infrastructure such as incorporating beacons and additional access points I, and users don’t have to interpret digital maps that can be plagued with latency issues when used indoors

Eyedog.US’ wayfinding functionality can be tightly integrated into a health system’s custom mobile app via SDK and/or launched in the context of a patient’s journey, such as within appointment confirmations and reminders.  The wayfinding solution allows patients, visitors, clinicians, and employees to share directions quickly via an easy-to-use cloud-hosted content management system.  It also:

  • uses simple universal icons that are easy to follow;
  • provides special routes for people using wheelchairs or parents with children in strollers;
  • offers multiple languages; and
  • allows call center agents, volunteers, administrators, schedulers, and event coordinators to share wayfinding pathways from any web browser.

“Working in partnership with Dutch company Eyedog and learning about the benefits of photo landmark navigation have been eye-opening experiences,” said Jeff Fisher, Principal of Intraprise Solutions and Chief Strategist for Eyedog.US. “Eyedog’s scientific approach to pedestrian wayfinding has led to discovering what works best for human cognition.  The result is simply a better, faster and more affordable solution.  We’re excited to be the premier US implementer and distributor of what will quickly become the gold standard for indoor hospital navigation.”

For more information about Intraprise Health’s wayfinding solution go to www.eyedog.us.

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