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Sextant Group

“Intraprise Solutions has provided us with the systems engineering support required to implement new financial models and to keep existing models state-of-the-art and in compliance with th...

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Fortune 500 Bank

Working closely with the client, Intraprise Solutions developed the market's premier information technology-based portfolio analytics solution. This enterprise-wide valuation solution is eno...

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Solving For What If

Liberating intellectual and business value through mass customized technology solutions for sophisticated analytics and legacy system transformation; what does that look like? We believe that depends on your business. Off-the-shelf solutions won’t provide you with the level of power, customization, and ongoing technical support needed to get a leg up on the competition. 

Intraprise Solutions' innovative approach delivers solutions that support the specific needs and wants of your business — all of them. Whether that’s by transforming your legacy systems or by developing a custom solution from the ground up, our nimble, responsive team works quickly to develop solutions that capitalize on your business. Our solutions provide real value, efficiently managing and analyzing terabytes of data for the correlations and insights that can improve your profitability. In addition, our development experience and ongoing support ensure our solutions will integrate easily into existing frameworks and continue to remain current.


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